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Southeast TV 1: Science Fair and Invention Convention

  Running Time: 6:06  
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Episode PictureEpisode: SETV-001

Our first episode of Southeast TV is on the net! Our hosts Ellen and Matt visit the Southeast Elementary School Science Fair and Invention Convention. We would like to thank all of the people who helped to make this episode possible. It took a long time to develop our TV set and work out all the new technical issues that came up!

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Show Notes:

  • Southeast TV is brought to you in part by CAG, the Connecticut Association for the Gifted.
  • Ellen and Matt introduce themselves and talk about the Science Fair and Invention Convention.
  • Ellen visits the Science Fair on the day of the event.
  • Matt also visits and continues the story about the Invention Convention.
  • Both wrap-up the show and ask you to visit the new Southeast Student Network web site.

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