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Radio Southeast 7: Southeast Superheroes

  Running Time: 20:25  
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Episode PictureEpisode: RadioSE-007

This year's schoolwide theme is "Southeast Superheroes." Students from across the school have completed community service projects for our community. In this episode, students from fourth grade report on different types of superheroes.

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Show Notes:

  • DJ and Keeley identify that you are listening to the Southeast Student Network.
  • First grader Jack introduces this podcast as Radio Southeast Episode 7.
  • Marc and Hannah are the hosts for this episode and talk about our schoolwide theme of Southeast Superheroes.
  • Olivia C. and Laura present information on animal superheroes who are service animals. You can learn more about the Delta Society and Monkey College.
  • Victoria and Amanda tell us about bald eagles as a symbol for our country.
  • Marc and Nick report on sports superhero Hank Aaron.
  • Priska, Chloe E., and Joyce offer information on incredible superhero animals.
  • Vika tells about ways that we can be a superhero in our school which makes school a better place.
  • Chloe C. and Hannah authored and share a story about a girl who is a science superhero.
  • Marc and Hannah wrap-up the episode.
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