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Radio Southeast 6: Community Superhero Representative Denise Merrill

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Episode PictureEpisode: RadioSE-006

Welcome to the sixth episode of Radio Southeast. This year our schoolwide them is Southeast Superheroes. As part of the theme, several students asked to interview Denise Merrill, Representative of Mansfield and Chaplin to the Connecticut General Assembly. We would like to thank Representative Merrill for taking the time to complete this phone interview with our students.

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Show Notes:

  • Keeley and DJ announce that you are listening to the Southeast Student Network.
  • Luke introduces episode 6 of Radio Southeast.
  • Laura and Chloe E. tell us a little bit about Representative Denise Merrill.
  • Laura, Chloe E., and Nick interview Representative Merrill about her position in the Connecticut General Assembly, how laws are created and passed, and recent laws that help our community.
  • Nick, Chloe E., and Laura wrap-up the show.
  • Thanks to Nick Sibicky for our theme song and Eric Amil for our logo.

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Denise Merrill & Radio Southeast

Chloe E and Laura sounded great in episode 6. The interview with Rep. Merrill was very good. I liked her reference to 8th grade and going to law school and her work as a teacher. It was an informative interview and the students were self assured and spoke clearly. I look forward to more. Edmond