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Radio Southeast 5: Second Grade Poetry - Part 3

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Episode PictureEpisode: RadioSE-005

Welcome to the fifth episode of Radio Southeast. As part of our schoolwide enrichment program, Mrs. Irvine and her second grade students present different types of poetry. Listen to our fifth podcast to hear our Southeast poets.

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Show Notes:

  • Radio Southeast is sponsored in part by the Connecticut Association for the Gifted.
  • Our second grade students present poems about many different subjects.
  • Sagan and Brandon read our Poetry Introduction.
  • Ryan C. reads If I Were a Red-Eyed Tree Frog poem.
  • Luke reads Lucas acrostic poem.
  • Katie reads Dolphin acrostic poem.
  • Christine reads Playground acrostic poem.
  • Spencer reads Spencer acrostic poem.
  • Keeley reads Rabbits acrostic poem.
  • Carlie reads Carlie acrostic poem.
  • Vail reads Robot acrostic poem.
  • Lin reads Kiyeon acrostic poem.
  • Lizzie reads Animals acrostic poem.
  • Amy reads If I Were a Horse poem.
  • Sage reads Candy onomatopoeia poem.
  • Sagan reads Cars onomatopoeia poem.
  • Sagan and Brandon read Poetry Wrap-up.

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