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Radio Southeast 3: Second Grade Poetry - Part 1

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Episode PictureEpisode: RadioSE-003

Welcome to the third episode of Radio Southeast. As part of our schoolwide enrichment program, Mrs. Irvine and her second grade students present different types of poetry. Listen to our third podcast to hear our Southeast poets!

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Show Notes:

  • Radio Southeast is sponsored in part by the Connecticut Association for the Gifted.
  • We had some technical difficulties with some of the audio in this episode. We tried to fix it and hope that you continue to listen!
  • Will and Liying read our Poetry Introduction.
  • Chloe reads If I Were a Cat poem.
  • Liying reads If I Were a Fish poem.
  • Ryan H. reads If I Were a Cat poem.
  • Allison reads If I Were a Cat poem.
  • Will reads If I Were Glasses poem.
  • Liam reads If I Were a Hun poem.
  • Advika reads If I Were a Giraffe poem.
  • Wyatt reads Pirates onomatopoeia poem.
  • Tyler reads If I Were a Dog poem.
  • Amelia reads A Cat onomatopoeia poem.
  • Brandon reads Sounds onomatopoeia poem.
  • Abbey reads If I Were a Monkey poem.
  • Jenny reads If I Were a Dolphin poem.
  • Tristan reads If I Were a Crocodile poem.
  • DJ reads Video Games onomatopoeia poem.
  • Michael reads The Scariest Dream onomatopoeia poem.
  • Will and Liying read Poetry Wrap-up.
  • Thank you to Nick Sibicky, an Edwin O. Smith High School graduate, of QWAS for making our new theme song.
  • Thank you to Erik Amil who created the Radio Southeast logo.
  • Music in this podcast is liscensed for the express use of Southeast Elementary School. Do not reproduce it.

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