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Radio Southeast 2A: Survey and Voicemail

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Episode PictureEpisode: RadioSE-002A

Welcome to Radio Southeast Episode 2A, our first mini-episode. We are looking for your feedback! Listen to our podcast to find out how you can help us out by answering our survey and leaving us voicemail messages!

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Show Notes:

  • Radio Southeast is brought to you in part by the Connecticut Association of the Gifted.
  • Alexa introduces Episode 2A.
  • Alexa and Zach, our hosts, welcome you to the episode about our Survey and Voicemail.
  • We received a grant from the Connecticut Association for the Gifted to help provide us with new microphones and software to help us create Radio Southeast.
  • As part of our grant, we need to provide a report to CAG, so we need your help.
  • Please fill-out our survey at
  • It is extremely important.
  • We also have a new telephone number where you can leave us a message! It is free if you are in the Mansfield area. Call (860) 553-3127 to leave us a message.
  • If you are a Southeast student, make sure to get your parents' permission first!
  • Thank you to Nick Sibicky, an Edwin O. Smith High School graduate, of QWAS for making our new theme song.
  • Other music in this podcast is licensed for the express use of Southeast Elementary School. Do not reproduce it.

Please fill-out our listener survey when you have finished listening to this episode.

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