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Radio Southeast 2: 50 Years of Learning

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Episode PictureEpisode: RadioSE-002

Welcome to the second episode of Radio Southeast. Southeast Elementary School is celebrating 50 Years of Learning with Strong Minds, Strong Bodies, and Strong Character. This episode shares our school theme with you. Take a listen to our second Southeastcast to find out some really cool things that will help you to maintain strong minds, strong bodies, and strong character.

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Show Notes:

  • Radio Southeast is brought to you in part by the Connecticut Association of the Gifted.
  • Maddie K. introduces Episode 2.
  • Katie and Gabi, our hosts, introduce our theme 50 Years of Learning: Strong Minds, Strong Bodies, and Strong Character.
  • Maddie B. talks about the Spanish language.
  • Teagen introduces us to the SPS Team, the Student Problem Solving Team. Olivia C. narrates a sample question for the team.
  • Tyler shares some exercise tips to help us to build strong bodies.
  • Katie tries to strengthen our brains by sharing some brain teasers with you.
  • A skit about building strong character is preformed by Bethie and Jenise. Miles helps to provide some brief narration to the skit.
  • Gabi and Alexa complete our first Radio Southeast interview with our physical education teacher Miss Parker. She explains some of her thoughts on strong bodies.
  • Katie comes back to share the answers her brain teasers. Gabi and Katie wrap up the show.
  • Thank you to Nick Sibicky, an Edwin O. Smith High School graduate, of QWAS Band for making our new theme song.
  • Other music in this podcast is liscensed for the express use of Southeast Elementary School. Do not reproduce it.

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