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Radio Southeast 1: The Wonders of Winter

  Running Time: 11:53  
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Episode PictureEpisode: RadioSE-001

The world premiere of Radio Southeast is finally on the air. We started with a small group of fourth graders and began the planning process about six weeks ago. Special thanks goes to Tony Vincent and the kids at Omaha, Nebraska’s Willowdale Elementary School. This episode was supposed to be out in January. We were a little bit late because the production time took a little bit longer than we expected.

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Show Notes:

  • Mr. Hendricks apologizes and introduces the February 2006 episode.
  • Becca introduces Episode 1.
  • Hunter and Holly, our hosts, tell us about Radio Southeast.
  • The wonders of winter are our theme for this episode.
  • Lukas and Ryan present Vocabulary Theater.
  • Erica, our resident animal expert, discusses the Arctic Wolf.
  • Laugh with Becca as she performs Good Joke/Bad Joke with Meghan.
  • Jump Off The Slope and Crash into Zach and Franton with information about the Winter Olympics.
  • Meghan spotlights the “Soaring to Success with the Southeast 7″ character word honesty.
  • and Hunter and Holly wrap up the show.
  • Much of the music for Radio Southeast has been licensed. Do not reproduce it.

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